3D printing and the customised electric guitar

Image..Sunrise.guitar23D printing isn’t exactly new.  It’s been around for the past 15 years or so, but it’s only recently that the technology has developed to a point where it has become possible to use it to create commercially viable products.
Into this marketplace has stepped Sheffield University  graduate Madhi Hosseini  who has this year set up the company Customuse to produce custom made  3D printed electric guitars which are totally unique, yet gratifyingly affordable.


Image -Rodeomuse blackCustomuse use  state of the art SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) machines with very large print- beds which can produceImage - Rodeo-back_grande the personalised guitar body in one piece. This printed body is then wrapped around a CNC-machine tone wood block and finished with a wooden neck, bridge, pickups and tuners, as you would find on a traditionally made guitar, to ensure a good resonating sound.

3 pre-designed base models are currently available all priced at £1,500- a fraction of the price of wooden  custom made guitars, the cost of which can run into 5 figures. Each guitar is fully customisable including the body shape, patterning on the body, colouring, and the hardware and components used. The company can even work with you to produce your own design from scratch – though this would set you back £5000 plus.


Image- Necromuse 2They certainly look great, but the key test for any guitar is how it sounds. Here the company get a ringing endorsement from one of their first customers, Indie rock band The Klaxons, who were “absolutely blown away” by the guitars made for them by Customuse for their most recent tour.

See the process of making the guitars in this behind-the-scenes video of Klaxons’ visit to Customuse to witness first-hand the manufacture of their custom 3D-printed guitars.

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