Design is for everyday

 Describe a product as “designer” and most people will immediately bring to mind something high-end, top of the range and, above all, expensive. Yet this is to miss the point of design. True design is about taking an object –  any object- and making it better.

The end goal may be it to make it more aesthetically pleasing, but more often, is primarily concerned with improving the object’s function, making it easier to use or more effective. Less glamorous than fashion designer catwalks this may be, but ultimately far more important.

Image - Robinsons starpack_industry_2014_23So it was with great pleasure that I learned that 2 products my family use everyday have been recognised with an industry-prestigious design award. Glamorous they may not be. Both are so ordinary and frequently used that they go largely unnoticed in our house and taken for granted.

Image - Lynx starpack_industry_2014_41Except that, recent design changes have made them so much better it actually generated conversation in our house this Summer.

At the Starpack Awards on 30th September, Robinsons Squash’d and Lynx Icon 2 were both recognised for their design innovation, each gaining a gold medal in the Beverages and Wellbeing and Beauty categories respectively.

Robinsons Squash’d couldn’t be a simpler idea – a small, handy, leak-proof, “use-anywhere” bottle containing 20 portions of Robinsons famous squash. Simple it may be, but it works beautifully. Having carried one round in my handbag during numerous family trips out during the Summer I can attest to the fact that it really is leak-proof and saved me a fortune in having to buy numerous fizzy drinks as we went along.

In its entrance statement Lynx says “ Icon 2 takes the Axe/Lynx brand into the future, with a more premium feel and new standards in customer engagement, delivered by innovative shaping technology and design ingenuity”. All sounds a bit fancy, but again like Robinsons, the new twist nozzle design makes the can easier to use and looks great into the bargain.

The Starpack Industry Awards scheme is now in its 56th year and is the UK’s premier annual awards scheme recognising innovation in packaging design and technology.

Angela Morris, chief exec of The Wool Packaging Company, and one of the judges commented: “The real value (of the awards) is that it encourages packaging designers to innovate using their skills and creativity to provide a solution to a problem that is genuinely different”.

Congratulations then to the designers at both Robinsons and Lynx who have managed to do just that, and into the bargain made everyday life just that little bit easier. A real design triumph.